Order GedTool

The GedTool program is only available by email and must be ordered using the link below.

The program is distributed as shareware. This means that you can test it for 20 days at no cost. The shareware version offers the same functions as the full version with no restrictions. If you find that it performs as expected and wish to continue using it, then you can order a full version. Owners of a full version have access to a variety of templates and mapping tables in the Download section of the Forum.

Shareware Version
Price: 0,00 USD
The shareware version is free and can be used for 20 days after dispatch with no limitations. It has exactly the same functionality as the full version.
The shareware version is sent by email - normally within 7 days.

Full Version
Price: 35,00 USD
The full version is sent by email as soon as payment has been received. Payment can be made through PayPal or by a bank transfer, in which case the payment details will be sent in an initial email on receipt of the order.

Pay using PayPal     Pay by bank transfer