GedTool currently offers the following functions:


  • Import GEDCOM files
  • Analyse GEDCOM files
  • Export GEDCOM files 
  • Import XML files
  • Export XML files 

Flat Lists 

  • Generate flat lists
  • Replace column headers in a flat list 
  • Import custom source spreadsheet file into a flat list 
  • Search for identical individuals and replace IDs  
  • Prepare flat lists for GEDCOM 

Compare / Match / Merge 

  • Import second GEDCOM file for comparison
  • Swap GEDCOM files 
  • Compare GEDCOM files 
  • Match files and insert new fields 
  • Merge GEDCOM files 
  • Search and replace in all data 

Useful Functions 

  • Check GEDCOM file 
  • Generate User Reference Numbers (REFNs) 
  • Sort GEDCOM file by REFN 
  • Reallocate INDI number in order of appearance 
  • Split NAME column (Given and Surname) 
  • Split DATE column (Day, Month, Year) 
  • Estimate missing DATE Data 
  • Remove living individuals 
  • Remove unrelated individuals 
  • Insert your own source data 
  • Delete erroneous links (e.g. after removals) 
  • Generate name ~ place lists
  • Phonetic search