The following Excel templates can be used to assist the capture of data from sources such as birth, baptism, marriage and death registers. The German templates will be supplemented by English versions as and when available.

GedTool offers a convenient route for importing the captured data into any genealogy program which offers GEDCOM support, but these capture templates can also be used independently of GedTool.

The conversion of the captured data to a GEDCOM file is done by so called mapping files in which the program-specific conversion rules are stored. These mapping tables are provided in the download area of the GedTool Forum, to which only registered owners of a full version of GedTool have access.

The following mapping tables can be found in the download section of the GedTool Forum:

  • Mapping tables for the implementation of GEDCOM code templates specific to the program
  • Mapping tables for conversion between different versions or dialects of GEDCOM